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A free Bible App that protects your privacy.



“SafeBible” includes many copies of the Bible free of charge. It does not advertise within the App.  And, it does not use the App to sell other products or books.


Protects Your Privacy

“SafeBible” is designed to insure each reader’s anonymity. It collects no information about any user, or about any user’s device, or user’s location, or about any user’s use of the App.

Persecuted Christians

Some governments, who are opposed to Christianity, attempt to block access to the Bible.  They are not able to block “SafeBible”.

Easy to Use

“SafeBible” is very easy to use.  Anyone can use it to study God’s Word without spending time learning to use the App.



“SafeBible” includes a concordance of all words in the Bible, and can be used for the search of one or more words. It responds instantly to any search.

Poor Eyesight?

For the benefit of those with very poor eyesight, “SafeBible” is able to present text in very large sizes, especially on larger devices. It can present verse text as large as 3/8 inch high on a 9-inch tablet.

Many Languages

“SafeBible” is designed to make it easy to publish the Bible in many languages. We plan to publish the Bible in as many languages as possible.


Published by Short Sands, LLC.

Privacy Policy

The “SafeBible” App is designed to insure every reader’s anonymity. It collects no information about any user, or about any user’s device, or any user’s location.  Nor, does it perform any transactions over the Internet that can be blocked or monitored by a government opposed to Christianity.

The App does not require the user to login or register any information, nor does the App use cookies or any other mechanism to track users of the App. The App does not collect any information about its readers. For example, it does not collect device serial numbers, or other device identifiers, or Internet addresses. It does not collect user’s GPS location.

Communion Bread and Wine

To best of our knowledge, “SafeBible” is the only Bible App, which provides users with this degree of privacy. In fact, most other Bible Apps collect and store all of the information described here that “SafeBible” does not collect.

End User License


When you first registered with Google Play on your Android device, Google requested that you agree to their terms of service.  This agreement covers your use of the “SafeBible” App.

Google Play Terms of Service


When you first registered with the App Store on your Apple device, Apple requested that you agree to their End User License Agreement.  This agreement covers your use of the “SafeBible” App.

Apple End User License Agreement

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Release 1.8.2

Three films produced by the Jesus Film Project were added: Jesus, The Jesus Film For Children, and Magdalene.

Release 1.7.1

A full length film of the Bible, titled King of Glory was added.  This film is published by Rock International.

Release 1.6.2

Additional security features were put in place to protect the anonymity of the App’s users.

Release 1.5.6

Bibles were added in 25 additional languages.  The current list of available languages is as follows:

  • Arabic Holy Bible
  • Awadhi Holy Bible
  • Bengali Holy Bible
  • Bulgarian New Testament
  • Chinese Holy Bible
  • Croatian New Testament
  • English Holy Bible
  • Hindi Holy Bible
  • Hungarian Holy Bible
  • Indonesian New Testament
  • Kannada Holy Bible
  • Marathi Holy Bible
  • Nepali Holy Bible
  • Oriya Holy Bible
  • Portuguese Holy Bible
  • Punjabi Holy Bible
  • Russian Holy Bible
  • Serbian Holy Bible
  • Spanish Holy Bible
  • Tamil Holy Bible
  • Thai New Testament
  • Ukrainian New Testament
  • Urdu Holy Bible
  • Vietnamese Holy Bible
  • King James Bible
  • World English Bible
  • New Millennium Persian Bible
  • Van Dyke Arabic Bible

Release 1.4.1

Additional work was done to insure the correctness of the Bibles that are published within the App.

Release 1.3.12

The Your Bible App security was improved so that its use could not be blocked or monitored.  In some countries, where the government seeks to discourage Christianity, almost all Bible Apps will not work, because those governments have blocked those Apps from accessing Bible content over the Internet.  Those governments will not be able to block this Bible App.  It is also possible that some governments who consider Christianity a threat are monitoring the use of Bible Apps to identify those people who are reading the Bible.  Those governments will not be able to monitor this App.

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